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Since its foundation, Tecnoresine has been able to satisfy the demands of a market, that of PVC products, which has become increasingly more complicated. Today, with a modern business concept, it produces PVC granules in the Campli (Teramo) factories with attention to the products and tailor-made, almost tailor-made Technical/Commercial support, which focuses on the company’s strategic choice of accompanying the customer in his project . High quality, competence and punctuality are the strengths necessary to meet customer / partner expectations which allows our work to improve every day




With a background of 36 years, the PVC department in the Campli plant produces and develops a vast range of PVC compound mixtures, tackling the problems of the sector on a daily basis while maintaining the level and quality of the product high. Flexibility and innovation are the guiding words of the new management.


Thermoplastic PVC has multiple uses, obtained from natural raw materials, it is very versatile in use thanks to properties such as flexibility or rigidity, depending on the use you intend to give to the final product. During the production phase, it can be given mechanical properties and resistance to wear, abrasion or resistance to chemical/bacterial agents.

These mixtures, carefully balanced, guarantee the product optimal and versatile performance, ideal for production in the most varied sectors, from construction to industry to articles in the footwear sector.

The Tecnoresine staff is at your disposal for technical advice and to find effective solutions to all the dynamics of your project.

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